Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's God got to do with it? If you want freedom and security, you need the following...

The House voted this week to reaffirm as the national motto the phrase "In God We Trust." (Treasury Department/AP Photo)

"...If you want freedom and security, you need the following:

The rule of law; property rights; a secure and trustworthy banking and monetary system; economic stability; a reliable infrastructure and the freedom to move about the country; freedom of the press; freedom of association; education for the masses; protection of civil liberties; a clean and safe environment; a robust military for protection of our liberties from attacks by other states; a potent police force for protection of our freedoms from attacks by people within the state; a viable legislative system for establishing fair and just laws; and an effective judicial system for the equitable enforcement of those fair and just laws....",0,877363.story


What's God got to do with it?

He may be invoked in the national motto, but God has nothing to do with why Americans are free and secure.

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