Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My THANK YOU letter to the LATimes for clearly stating and publicizing the fact that anti-Palestine laws need to be repealed!!!!

RE: Editorial: Using the United Nations- The lopsided vote for Palestine's entry into UNESCO shows how isolated the U.S. and Israel are.,0,2129467.story

Dear Editor,

Because of Israel- specifically Israel's talented lobby which seeks to use American laws, courts and Congress to oppress and persecute Palestinians both here and there, America foolishly vetoed Palestine membership in UNESCO and next might pull out of the United Nations agency "that helps protect patents and copyrights and is of great importance to Hollywood and Silicon Valley...."

THANK YOU LA Times for clearly stating and publicizing the fact that anti-Palestine laws need to be repealed!!!!

Congress might not do the right thing- but they are certainly much more likely to do the right thing if we the people and our fourth estate help our Congress understand and support the right thing.

Anne Selden Annab, American homemaker & poet
Excellent podcast interview with ATFP's Dr. Ziad Asali on empowerment and Palestine

Hussein Ibish: "Snap judgments don't explicate much about where we are, and illuminate even less about where we're going..."

"Where, after all, do universal human rights begin?

The Arab Peace Initiative requests Israel to reconsider its policies and declare that a just peace is its strategic option as well...

Don’t demolish my future! UNNWRA: Demolitions and the threat of displacement are ruining people’s lives in the West Bank.

"The pursuit of peace, independence and reform is not a project for cowards..."

Palestine's Salam Fayyad: "We have been trying to do the very best we can."

Mahmoud Abbas speech at the UN - The full official text

In Detroit, ambassador makes case for Palestinian nation

David Hale: Hamas could be swept out of power if the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority is able to show "tangible" results from peace negotiations

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