Saturday, January 21, 2012

To Build A State

(AP) - A Palestinian activist holds up a banner reading 'No to negotiations`' during a protest against the against peace talks with Israel n the West Bank city of Ramallah Saturday, Jan. 21

People hold Palestinian flags and a placard during a demonstration against the peace negotiation talks between Palestinians and Israeli in front of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's office in Ramallah, January 21, 2012. REUTERS/ Mohamad Torokman (WEST BANK - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST)

To Build A State

How do you build a state
when some of your supposed supporters
(thanks to many an energetic academic
getting speaking fees and book tours and applause
on all sides of every argument)
have been trained to undermine
serious state building efforts
at every turn...

Right, left and center
Jobs jobs jobs some paid some not...

How do you build a state
when information overload
buries basic facts
blurs basic trends
buoys bad arguments...

Right, left and center...

How do you fight poisonous pervasive propaganda
in a globally connected world where jobs can easily be lost
for speaking out and careers are sidelined
and wiser people learn
to simply drift gently politely away
seeking citizenship elsewhere...

How do you dismantle institutionalized bigotry
and an oppressive military occupation
when your own supposed supporters are lured into endorsing
and ists and angsts which foolishly arm religion
with tax payers' money and pestilent weaponry...

Missiles and bombs and bullets aimed
at instigating endless battles and bickerings...

How do you stop the day by day by day
by day disenfranchisement- impoverishment
home demolitions- evictions- rejections- nihilist rage
and ongoing decimations and insults now joined by
the apparent self destruction of a nation state
known as Palestine.

How do you stand strong- firm
for justice and peace
for Palestine...

Honest and noble
for Palestine...

Dignified and realistic
for Palestine...

Alive and aware- for Palestine
and modern maps.

poem copyright ©2012 Anne Selden Annab

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