Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Activist Tree ... a poem

Activists put the decorations up on Monday. (MaanImages)
      The Activist Tree

The activist tree
full of grenades
decorated to destroy
Christmas in Bethlehem:

Anti-America activism is...
Complicit in UNWRA losing funds.

Complicit in Palestine losing land.

Complicit in the corruption
that usurps funds from state building.

Complicit in fragmenting support away
from Arab families in need of peace
and Arab communities in need of jobs.

Complicit in alienating Palestine...

Complicit in elevating Islamists-
and sectarian rage
on all sides... consistently
failing to see much less tell
the full and total truth.

The activist tree
is a telling symbol
of what the one state 'solution' will be
if and when negotiations for Palestine fail.

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