Thursday, April 14, 2011

2 poems

Anne Selden Annab


should step down- disarm
for every one's sake
free the people

Let go of the hate mongering
that has built your kingdom
and war world wide

Release the slaves
forced to worship you

Repair the damage
you have done to Islam
and to Palestine
with your militancy


Your death- your murder-
your blood mingles
with the bible burning/ flag burning
raging crowd of protest
stealing people's lives

Your baby will only know
that your arms held him
and then others grabbed

We are supposed to walk
the cattle chutes of opinion-
me here/you there
Stampede on demand
into the slaughter
of identity

poem copyright ©2011 Anne Selden Annab

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  1. Restraint on Majority Rule: "There is going to be a religious right. There is a religious right here. There is a religious right in Israel. There will be a religious right in all these emerging Arab and Islamic democracies and they have a role to play within the rule of law- but the rule of law with the understanding of the rights of minorities and the rights of the individual." Hussein Ibish