Monday, December 3, 2012

Ultimately Armed Struggle ... a poem

Etched into the dappled sandstone of the Bamiyan mountains  are the faint remains of the once colossal Buddha statues that silently watched over the Bamiyan Valley for 1500 years

   Ultimately Armed Struggle

What theme song does one play
for those silenced
by Islamists.

What poster can be printed
what rally cry may one say
what symbols can express

the absolute menace of Islamists
not Muslims- Islamists.
Religion harnessed to harass:

Islamist liars use the arts
to draw people into a world
where art is scorned.

They usurp charity given
for widows and children
to build bombs and war

They use cell phones
to pull fragile communities
into the stone age

They quote Chomsky to create
neighborhoods where only the Qur'an
can be read.

Unity is a weapon to steal freedom
from the very people they claim
to be freeing.

Apologists abound in every sphere
luring the naive and the gullible
into empowering Islamists

as Islamist bombs
and Islamist manipulations
demolish Palestine...

Ultimately armed struggle helps
build Israeli roads
and settlements.

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