Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sources ...a poem (for Palestine)


Please, pause- think...

Do not take the words
of Israel's Peace Now
quoting out of context
& rewriting the report
with anti-Israel slang
and echo chamber insults.

Please, pause- think...

Israeli newspapers, Israeli writers,
Israeli dreamers, Israeli doers-
and Israel's Peace Now
prove Israel's existence-
the reality and the right
to exist, just as you and I exist
which shapes our changing world
and influences Israel's ability to become
a better nation in time,
with peace... and with Palestine...

A sovereign Palestine-
a real Palestine
a state with peace
and jobs
and justice...
and freedom...
and respect...
and security...
and loyal citizens
empowered to influence
Palestine's potential ability

 to become

and become
the best that it can be
for everyone's sake.

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