Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Click by Click Culpability ... a Growing Gardens for Palestine poem by Anne Selden Annab

One Day Lily of many brightened by sun beams in our garden June 2014 ASA

        Click by Click Culpability

You and I ... and everyone
have an interconnected choice.
One by one word by word,
take a crime, talk it up and
do a Washington Post Jennifer Rubin,
spinning it/anything
to inflame rage, bigotry
misinformation and more war... and/or

Equally obtuse ignore the Islamists,
ignore the escalating pain, poverty,
destruction, and despair wrought
by religious tyrants armed with excuses
and guns. Some funded by governments.
Some funded by charity and fraud.
All funneling money away
from the people's needs.

Post by post and click by click,
argument by argument
be the bridge. Be the bridge
into extremism, escalating strife and insults
exasperating the Israel-Palestine conflict.
.... Or be the bridge into inclusiveness,
and the rule of fair and just laws.

Comment by comment and
fact by fact, forward by forward
be the bridge into distortion and despair
or be the bridge building community
with Golden Rule enlightenment
and a lasting peace.

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