Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Spider Silk Cape... a series of three poems by Anne Selden Annab in Growing Gardens for Palestine

To create the textiles, spiders are collected each morning and harnessed in specially conceived silking contraptions. Trained handlers extract the silk from 24 spiders at a time. The spiders are returned to the wild at the end of each day Photograph: David Levene for the Guardian

If humankind
can conceive of
and make
a spider silk cape...

A million times
lithe Golden Orb spiders
living in the forest in the highlands
of Madagascar carefully-gently caught
for a day, harnessed to spin
their bright golden threads
then released alive
as evening falls...
year after year
a glorious golden
brocade embroidered.

If humankind can cherish art
and build museums for all to enjoy

If humankind
can sow and harvest wheat
make bread, grow grapes-
make wine

If humankind can remember goodness
and create jobs each with a living wage

If humankind can carefully, conscientiously craft
a Universal Declaration of Human Rights

If humankind can raise our children
to nurture their gifts and good relationships

If humankind can envision
and invest in environmentally friendly cities
with greenbelts and rooftop gardens

Surely we can also somehow shape
a just and lasting peace
in and for the Middle East

Two States: One Israel, One Palestine

Two states
One Israel, One Palestine
to be a modern marriage
making dreams come true:
Two individuals able to each
speak their own language
pursue their own dreams
build their own sanctuaries
and museums and news...

Two states
to be the Golden Rule
whereas do unto others
as you would have them do unto you
is the guiding principle
and cherished goal.

Two states to explore the compelling wisdom
of we, and the pivotal importance of us (and them)
working side by side each in our own sphere
to lovingly parent a future together... or weave a spider silk cape...
or repair a stairway... or build a car... or harvest an orchard...
empowering full and equal citizens and progress as civic rights
and responsibilities become more and more inclusive
and important.

Two states sovereign
each in their own realms
each in their own spheres

Two states to respect
the need for borders
the need for compromise
the need for language
the need for kindness
the need for compassion
the need for diplomacy
the need for honesty
the need for civilized conversations
the need for decent jobs
and the need for the rule of law
fair and just laws... the need for peace
and security
for every home and family.

Let the refugees return
to either be Israeli
or Palestinian
or Israeli-Palestinian or Palestinian-Israeli
or Palestinian-American...etc...
each in turn choosing
who they want to be
and where they want to build a life
for life moves on continuously changing
and our parents' choices
can make all the difference.

A Golden Rule Peace

In an interconnected
global world
we are the spider silk cape
we are the golden glow
of good intentions
and careful craftsmanship

Art and history and math and science
in dialog- to be synergy
and dedication
as glorious dreams are caught
and recreated
for today's world
with today's tools
sharing bits of light
and shadow
to reveal
the best that we can find
in our own memories
fingering a fabric
and recalling a mood

The forest is in the weave
and the airlines it took
to transport, the sunrises and rainbows
and oceans and streets, the accents
and languages and all
and all earth's beauty caught
strand by strand
and embroidered
to entrance
an audience
willing to believe.

Our parents' choices
(and our own)
can make all the difference.

poem copyright ©2012 Anne Selden Annab

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