Friday, September 5, 2014

RECRUIT ... a poem

Israeli soldiers set fire to olive trees in Hebron Ma'an News 05/09/2014: Jewish settlers routinely threaten and harass local Palestinians in Hebron's Old City in an effort to force them to hand over their properties for the expansion of Jewish settlements.


The crazies
take religion,
make it mean

as in cruel.

The crazies
want your kids
want your kids
want your world
want you

to hate...

to become killer or killed.

The crazies
in a global globbing
of Islamic State/Israel/Leila Khaled


Lure the weak
and tortured
lure the concerned
lure the kind
lure the compassionate
lure the sensitive
lure the naive
lure the hurt
lure the brutes
into fiery sermons
and excuses...

Become killer or killed.

It is an international
action adventure...

Wordsmiths here forge
and glinting swords there
behead the journalists.

The crazies
want you
to be momentum
making empathy into war.

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