Friday, August 15, 2014

There Are Clues

       There Are Clues

Armed Palestinian resistance
is and has been killing Palestine.

Every youth who becomes a militant
is one less letter writer
and lobby for Palestine,
one less loyal citizen
learning state craft,
one less role model
mentoring peace,
one less poet
seeking truth,
one less scientist
seeking fact
one less voice
for what Palestine was
and might be in time...

Every insult hurled
every hate mongering tweet
every rocket fired

proves Israel right.

Every extremist
and Islamist
proves Israel right.

There are clues
clues everywhere
despite the bravado
despite the t-shirts
and key rings
and forwards,
all the internet talk
and huge protests-
despite decades
of support
there are clues
that Palestine
is not going to survive.

There are clues, indications,
evidence everywhere
when one dares look
beyond the hype
beyond the delusions
beyond the propaganda
that as things are now
the Israel-Palestine war
will end not with peace
or charity
for the people of Palestine.

As things are now
despite the echo chamber promises,
 despite the free lancers insisting
"Palestine will be free!"
despite the passion
of countless people
there are obvious clues
that unless there is statehood,
sovereign statehood
for Palestine
it is inevitable
that Palestine
will disappear,
and Israel will remain
despite the weight of news
aimed to condemn Israel,
despite the campaigns
shaped to dismiss Israel:

As things are now
despite everything
the Israel-Palestine war
is most likely to end with Israel,
only Israel, ruling every inch.

Not Israel as a one state haven
of freedom, jobs, and security for all
Not a welcoming community,
but a heavily guarded
fully sovereign and strong
Israel as a Jewish nation
convinced that Palestine
is no more
and more Palestinians
have to leave.

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