Wednesday, April 11, 2012

... "What must be said'

           "What must be said'

"What must be said' is being
tangled and twisted and tied
into convoluted knots
and nonsense... all
for Israel's sake
as the hate campaigns surge
with tsunami force
flinging boats
into buildings.

How many ways might
one poem, and one person
one Günter Grass
be belittled...

Palestinians already know
of the checkpoints and walls.
They know of the home demolitions
and character assassinations.
They know how peace
is pulverized by Israeli policy
and all the many Hasbara volunteers.

Is this then the future
of the internet (& all news)
with Israeli whisper campaigns
swiftly spinning out into opinion storms
and slanted Google searches
to ruin reputations
and destroy the careers
of those who dare
say what they see
feel what they feel
be what they are.

poem copyright ©2012 Anne Selden Annab

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