Friday, October 11, 2013

Salvaging Palestine ... a poem by Anne Selden Annab

        Salvaging Palestine

Lunatic logic pilfers- freely
takes the work of organizations
builds momentum on borrowed facts
reshapes bits and pieces to suit
a story line aiming to destroy
the wrong enemy....

Lunatic logic is a line
drilled through the rock
of reality
a tiny tunnel
to a tiny stage
where shadows play.

Enchanting- yes
for some.
Empowering- no.

Lunatic logic
 aims into irrelevance
diverts resources
drains eclectic energy
depletes reserves
grabs all it can shove
into that teeny tiny tight tunnel
leading to that teeny tiny stage
where fearsome shadows play...

While outside a huge complex world
of light and air and earth and H2O

carbon units-and phosphorescence
photosynthesis... building permits

Roads and ruins. Life moves on:

Gravity will not reinvent itself
to favor some but not others.

Mountains and fields and forests and trees
Suburbs and cities and farms
borders and citizenship

A huge complex world
aware of connections
carries on collecting
organizing ideas
discussing options
building a future for realists
for dreamers and doers
and entrepreneurs
the larceny
of lunatic logic.

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