Friday, October 11, 2013

New Video Previewing ATFP's 10th Anniversary Gala

The American Task Force on Palestine is celebrating its 10th Anniversary at this year's annual Gala. As always, this year we will be honoring the accomplishments of distinguished Palestinian Americans.

ATFP's black-tie galas are attended by high-level decision-makers and opinion-influencers in Washington, along with an unmatched combination of community members, diplomats, analysts, journalists and other distinguished guests.

The Gala program will be informative and newsworthy -- a senior policy-maker (to be announced) will give the keynote speech, at a time when dramatic events in the Middle East are leading the news worldwide. Moreover, it will be entertaining: various musicians, singers and comedians will ensure that the atmosphere is lively and joyful.

Tuesday October 29, 2013 
The Ritz-Carlton
1150 22nd Street, NW Washington, DC 20037

The ATFP Gala is a black-tie event
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The American Task Force on Palestine
The American Task Force on Palestine.
Dear Ziad,

Thank you and your lovely wife Naila, and all of ATFP for hosting such an inspiring and interesting Gala. My husband and I very much enjoyed all the art- and the speakers... and the gift bag with zataar and olive oil and Nabulsi soap.

Meeting one of my favorite modern poets in person was a moment I will never ever forget. Naomi Shihab Nye is as welcoming and delightful as her poems.

ATFP's hard work and good intentions are obvious, as is the talent, intelligence, dignity and compassion of all the many people who chose to help support the American Task Force on Palestine... I wish you the best of luck in your collective efforts to help shape a just, lasting and comprehensive peace and a real Palestinian state.


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  1. Malek Jandali ‏@MalekJandali 11 Oct

    It's a true honor to join @Deanofcomedy @Ibishblog @ZiadAsali to celebrate a golden decade @ATFP 10 Year Anniversary