Saturday, May 17, 2014

Religious Fact ... a poem in Growing Gardens for Palestine

Growing Gardens for Palestine

Religious Fact ... a poem

by Anne Selden Annab

            Religious Fact

Jewish- Christian- Muslim ALL
of the book ALL Abraham's
heirs... ALL of faith
somewhere on our
family tree.

A branch with branches
and twigs and seasons
bringing forth new leaves.

One branch on one tree
in a large orchard of life.

Some where some one
long long ago choose
to believe, to have faith
and to name that faith.

That human being
told true stories to
others. And others
helped spread the word.

Minds and hearts opened
communities grew
and yet
so did divisiveness as we are all
                            only human,

with many loving children
teaching each in turn
phrases to say
and habits to have
shaping human history.

Jewish- Christian- Muslim ALL
of an elaborate world where one by one,
each in our own exclusive way,
we are empowered to decide
who and what to notice
& who and what
to forget.

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