Sunday, August 10, 2014

In Growing Gardens for Palestine... A poem Dedicated to Abu Yusuf

"A sea of Palestinians and their sympathizers lined Manhattan streets Saturday, marching to the United Nations and shouting that Israel's response to missile attacks was genocide that took children's lives. " Photo Credit: America's free press & NBC News

         Dedicated to Abu Yusuf

While some do serious work, crafting
reality based astute responses
to what is and might be,
there is also a world of people
being taught to ignore
 the full and total truth,
being taught to have tunnel vision,
being taught to reject diplomacy,
being taught to voluntarily disenfranchise
as if that will help bring peace and jobs, food
and water- and security to those in dire need.

A sea of people protest
with a storm of slogans
and symbols, all focused
on Palestinian suffering...

What of all the other children
the other families
the other flesh torn...

What of all the nameless
Arabs and Muslims
murdered by Islamists?

What of the communities ruined?

What of the girls enslaved?

What of the historic treasures,
and modern work places
decimated by Islamists
day after day after day...

What of tyrants and terror
and the ISIL evil - what of
the malicious Islamists
who consider anyone, everyone
who refuses to lionize Islamists
as infidels to be killed.

A sea of people protest "for Palestine"
many with very good intentions,
but few with good research skills
and the courage to question
what is heard...

A sea of people protest
worldwide with orchestrated
anti-Israel/anti-America ire
aimed to grow a crowd
aimed to escalate rage,
with anti-Israel scorn...
inadvertently informing
Islamist monsters
that their way wins

because a sea of people protest
wearing Palestinian flags
but not demanding Palestinian statehood
based on full respect for international law
to once and for ALL end
the injustice and violence
of Israel/Palestine unresolved.

A sea of people protest
oblivious to the rising tide
of Islamist crimes
and Islamist insults
to Islam.

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