Thursday, December 26, 2013

My letter to INYTimes RE The Coming Intifada by Ali Jarbawi

New York Times Op-Art
RE: The Coming Intifada by Ali Jarbawi

Dear Editor,

There are many amateur international activists 'for Palestine' who welcome the idea of negotiations breaking down. They are fantasizing that the tragic mess that is the Israel-Palestine conflict will become an eventual transformation of Israel into Palestine. 

Meanwhile Israel has plans- and back up plans plus the sovereign ability and financing to make those plans a reality.  Palestinian violence plays right into the most punitive Israeli plans, and so does the monster called Al-Qaeda.

Ending the Israel-Palestine conflict with sovereign Israel and sovereign Palestinian statehood based on full respect for international law and universal basic human rights might actually help stop the monster that is Al-Quaeda.  But there are no guarantees. There is only the hope that real freedom, dignity, and security with citizenship rights and responsibilities will help turn the tide away from escalating religious extremism and sectarian strife all through out the region.

Anne Selden Annab

Hussein Ibish writes in his most recent op-ed The monster that won't die - How and why Al-Qaeda is making yet another appalling comeback that "There have always been differences within al-Qaeda, those who have either successfully seized or been granted permission to use the name as a kind of franchise, and other salafi-jihadi or "takfiri" groups. But while the parent organization based in Pakistan and Afghanistan seems to be increasingly irrelevant, the political ideology and program of mass murder that are now synonymous with al-Qaeda seem at least as robust as ever, if not more so. It is the monster that, for the past decade, simply will not die."

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