Monday, May 23, 2011

No State... a poem by Anne Selden Annab

No State

Extreme "left"
and extreme "right" one-staters
usurp the Palestinian refugees very real

right of return to turn it into

the complete destruction
of Palestine
bit by bit
day by day year by year

the Israel/Palestine conflict plays out

Extreme "left"
and extreme "right" one-staters
colonize the conversation

Recruiting radicals
and religious idiots
the Israel/Palestine conflict rages on and on
until no one reasonable
and no one wise
and no one kind
no one sane
is willing to
bother... Outsiders take over
and insiders are exiled
alienated- disenfranchised
or disappeared
and destroyed ... silenced
so that the Israel/Palestine conflict can continue
raging on until Palestine isn't.

poem copyright ©2011 Anne Selden Annab

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