Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I Watched

           I Watched

Concerned about Gaza,
as Islamists and Israel
rachet up for endless war
with a one state slurry
of suffering and terror,
I watched it this week...
noticing one after another,
people I like, people I admire,
people who care
about Palestine...
People with warm hearts
and deep concern
for humanity...
people with passion, and time
and cell phones and tablets,
people on lists, people online
people tied to Palestine-
I watched, I watched
too stunned, too afraid
too appalled to object...
I watched, watched and witnessed
reasonable & well educated people
with good jobs and a future-
I watched these freedom loving
friends and associates
become recruiters
and apologists
for Islamists.

Some, but not all.

I also watched,
listened learned
from wiser folks
weighing in
to help end
the conflict.

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