Sunday, December 9, 2012

They Call It Victory

Palestinians take part in a rally marking the 25th anniversary of the founding of Hamas, in Gaza City December 8, 2012. After receiving a hero's welcome on his return from decades in exile, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal will attend a rally in Gaza on Saturday to mark the founding of his Islamist group and celebrate "victory" over Israel. REUTERS/Suhaib Salem
       They Call It Victory

They call it victory
celebrating the suffering
of Palestine...

They rally a crowd
to cheer on religious tyranny
and armed militancy.

Iconic lies and iconic promises
perpetuate the conflict
crippling Palestine

They call it victory.

Hamas leader seeks to destroy Israel

The Full Israeli Experience

Hamas leader Khaled Meshal says group will never recognize Israel

Feted in Gaza, Hamas leader hits out at Israel

Tens of thousands celebrate Hamas 'victory' rally as exiled leader returns

Gazans rally with exiled Hamas chief

Miftah- Hamas chief Mashaal visits Gaza
... "Senior PFLP leader and iconic Palestinian figure Leila Khaled was among those in exile to visit Gaza for the same event where she congratulated the people of Gaza on their resistance to Israel... On another note, Israel revealed its plan to go ahead with the expansion of 3000 settlement units in ‘E1’ a West Bank corridor near Jerusalem, despite international pressure against it."

USA Today Column December 8 2012: Palestine must choose life over love of death


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