Friday, September 18, 2009

What is Palestine now ?

Wood to wood
old meets new
grains and stains
becoming symbols

to me- and to me alone

What is Palestine now ?

Is it this delicate souvenir
like a feathered pen in my hand
this gift from the heart
with a compelling heritage...

Is it the gentle thought
the pleasant memory
the home cooked meal
loyalty and love- and logic - human dignity
with we the people working together
shaping hope for better days

Or is it the guns and the hate-
the cold cruelty and divisiveness
the rudeness and cynicism- the bigotry
& extremism
the angry posters... the burning flags.

Who will rule the symbols
defining the borders
of meaning

and the point of purpose

Who will find inspiration in our words- and efforts
... who will come to care about Palestine

photo & poem copyright 2009 © Anne Selden Annab

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