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My letter to the Guardian RE The Idea of Israel and My Promised Land – review

 RE The Idea of Israel and My Promised Land – review

Dear Editor,

Reading articles and book reviews about the Israel-Palestine conflict I often find myself wondering about America's earlier history, and a time when, world wide, slavery was seen as a normal part of life.  The crime of slavery crossed all borders, and while slavery is no longer considered legal or acceptable today slavery continues on in much less obvious ways- the most recent example being the Nigerian school girls kidnapped and being offered for sale. 

We live in an imperfect world. Horrifying headlines tend to catch our attention, but there are many good and decent people worldwide doing all they can to combat crime and cruelty.  However not all good people, not all religious leaders, not all politicians, not all actors, not all diplomats, and not all highly educated people have helpful advice: Israeli author Ilan Pappé considers himself pro-Palestine and advocates a one state end to the Israel-Palestine conflict. The one-state fantasy is indeed a very tempting fantasy, until you start noticing how the one-state fantasy very much perpetuates and exasperates the Israel-Palestine conflict, sustaining the status quo and the very real plight of the Palestinians by empowering extremists and religious idiots and intransigence on all sides.

Palestinians have finally gained a diplomatic foothold in the global marketplace of ideas and mainstream conversations, despite the fact that a wide diaspora of Palestinians have been convinced to reject diplomacy and scorn negotiations to end the Israel-Palestine conflict with full respect for international law and universal basic human rights.

America survived ending slavery. Israel will survive ending the Nakba... and Palestine will survive with a just and lasting peace ending the Israel-Palestine conflict.  The best way forward is two fully sovereign, fully secular nation states: Israel and Palestine. 

Anne Selden Annab

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