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Reasonable voices & helpful resources ...America for Palestine MAY 2014

The American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) is a 501©(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, DC. Established in 2003, its mission is to articulate and educate about the United States national interest in helping to create a Palestinian state living alongside Israel in peace, security and dignity.

ATFP is committed to strengthening Palestinian-American relations at every level.

The Task Force supports Palestinian institution-building, good governance, anti-corruption measures, economic development, and improved living standards.

ATFP holds that these same values are relevant to the broader Arab world, and that the question of Palestine is inextricably linked to regional realities and developments.

ATFP provides an independent voice for Palestinian-Americans and their supporters and advances human rights and peace. It categorically and unequivocally condemns all violence against civilians, no matter the cause and who the victims or perpetrators may be.

ATFP builds effective and durable working relationships with government departments and agencies, think tanks and NGOs, and the media. It has developed lines of communication with the US and other relevant governments in order to pursue its policy advocacy goals.

AFTP’s Board of Directors is made up of noted Palestinian Americans who agree with these principles.

American Task Force on Palestine


Welcome to Arab America!

Arab America is a national website founded with the purpose of promoting an accurate image about the Arab American community and the Arab world.

With over three and a half million Arab Americans in the U.S., Arab America's primary goal is to become a “bridge” bringing together the diverse Arab American community. Secondly, Arab America is an educational resource site for all Americans. Arab America serves six markets: California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Washington DC.

Arab America’s mission is achieved through the dissemination of accurate information about Arab Americans and the Arab world providing: up to date events, the latest news, Arabic restaurants and ethnic grocery outlets, churches, mosques, cultural and social service organizations, commerce, and music.

It is the intent of Arab America to be the leader in providing digital media to Arab Americans.


The Arab American Institute (AAI) is a nonprofit organization committed to the civic and political empowerment of Americans of Arab descent.  AAI represents the policy and community interests of Arab Americans throughout the U.S. through two primary focus areas:  campaigns and elections, and policy formulation and research.

The Arab American Institute Foundation (AAIF) was founded by the Arab American Institute in 1995.  AAIF supports programs that promote greater awareness of Arab Americans in the U.S., demographic research and international outreach.  AAIF serves as the primary national resource on the Arab American experience for the media, academia, government agencies and the private sector.

The 10th Annual Arab American Service Day is on Saturday, May 17, 2014. This year AAI is partnering with the National Network of Arab American Communities to host a volunteer day in Washington, DC at the Neighborhood Farm Initiative. Join us to give back to the DC community! Click here, to learn more.


The Arab American National Museum (AANM) is the first and only museum in the United States devoted to Arab American history and culture. Arab Americans have enriched the economic, political and cultural landscape of American life. By bringing the voices and faces of Arab Americans to mainstream audiences, we continue our commitment to dispel misconceptions about Arab Americans and other minorities. The Museum brings to light the shared experiences of immigrants and ethnic groups, paying tribute to the diversity of our nation.

The Arab American National Museum documents, preserves and presents the history, culture and contributions of Arab Americans. 

The AANM is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums; an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution; and a founding member of the Immigration and Civil Rights Network of the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.

Portable typewriter. Carried by Helen Thomas early in her career, a tag marked "PRESS" and "TRIP OF THE PRESIDENT" is still tied to the typewriter's handle. On this tag, is written, "Helen Thomas UPI". She was cited by the World Almanac as one of the 25 Most Influential Women in America. Gift of Helen Thomas.

 Museum Events

May 10, 2014
FREE Guided Tours of AANM + Detroit Institute of Arts Middle Eastern Collection (via shuttle bus)

May 17, 2014
Feed Your Soul Pottery Workshop

May 30, 2014
Omar Offendum @ Detroit Public Library FREE

Telling Our Story - The Arab American National Museum
 The Palestinian Heritage Foundation is a cultural and educational organization aimed at promoting awareness and understanding of Arab and, specifically, Palestinian culture and traditions. These aims have been pursued through programs that deepen the pride of Arab-Americans in their heritage, namely, lectures, live costume shows and exhibits in the United States, Canada and Palestine, and introduce the general American public to this Arab heritage.


I'm running in the ATFP team. Colleen, Brendan, Tala Haykal Sami Awadh and two Sarah(s) are running too. You and your friends should run for the children of Gaza too. Miriam Awadallah Ameen Estaiteyeh

American Friends of UNRWA with José Paúcar Arce and Muin Hijazi

Join us on MAY 17 for the ‪#‎Gaza5K‬ Walk/Run in Washington, DC to support the children of Gaza! Proceeds will benefit UNRWA's psycho-social support program for children in Gaza suffering from psychological trauma & PTSD. REGISTER NOW:
Join the conversation on social media by using #Gaza5K in your posts and tweets! Read our tips:

About Us - Our Mission - Banner

 American Friends of UNRWA, Inc. is a non-profit organization that supports the work of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA). Our mission is to promote a life of dignity and human development for Palestine refugees by informing the American public about UNRWA's work and generating support for its programs through fundraising, education, and advocacy.

American Friends of UNRWA (UNRWA USA) is a 501(c)(3) as designated by the IRS.  Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. You can donate online or mail contributions to: 1666 K Street NW, Suite 440 Washington, DC 20006

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