Wednesday, April 23, 2014

American Task Force on Palestine Springs Forward, Asks for Our Support

Dear ATFP Friend,

With your support, this spring ATFP launched its most intense advocacy campaign ever to pursue peace and American foreign policies that will promote a better future in Palestine and throughout the Middle East. In recent weeks, we have participated in over 22 public speaking events, 20 articles, 13 media interviews and mentions, and numerous on and off the record interviews and meetings with decision- and opinion-makers from around the world, among other major initiatives.

We rely on your help so that these efforts -- and a voice of reason, principled pragmatism, and enlightened self-interest -- can continue to have a real and effective champion in Washington, across our country and in the region

In an ideal world, this letter would be thanking you for supporting our efforts that contributed to ending the occupation and the conflict, and the realization of peace between the Palestinians and Israel. But, obviously, there's a long way to go, and much more work to be done, before that vital goal is accomplished. ATFP remains committed to our mission, and is constantly looking for ways to move forward.

These are dynamic times at ATFP, as we break ground in new directions while intensifying our ongoing activities. Our new initiatives focus mainly on youth as a major part of expanding the constituency for peace and Palestine.

Our new Youth Coordinator Tala Haikal published her first major commentary, in the Huffington Post, advocating more engagement by young people in the quest for peace. She is spearheading our efforts to reach out to students and other youth.

Interning at ATFP is special. Our interns aren't just given clerical duties, but are closely involved with all aspects of our activities. Over the years a clear pattern has developed in which our interns, including Tala, have been so inspired by, and successful in, their internships at ATFP that they have later joined us as full-time staff.

We work with our interns on developing major research projects and guiding them in writing and publishing their findings. Most of our interns now will leave ATFP with at least one significant publication added to their CV. This is truly extraordinary for Washington internships, and we are committed to ensuring our interns are afforded a unique learning and contributing experience. Our current batch of talented interns (Amber, Brendan, Colleen, and Zach) are helping us build a new generation committed to promoting peace based on an end to the occupation.

In recent weeks, ATFP staff have been reaching wider audiences than ever around the country and the world through speaking engagements, media appearances and a constant stream of commentary articles. Among the highlights was a major ATFP panel discussion at the National Press Club in Washington on “The Status and Future of the Muslim Brotherhood,” broadcast live to C-SPAN's almost 50 million weekly viewers

I was honored last month to once again address the annual United Nations International Meeting on the Question of Palestine. Meanwhile, this spring Executive Director Ghaith Al-Omari and Senior Fellow Hussein Ibish between them have spoken at over 30 major public events, including campus lectures, conferences, high-profile debates and panel discussions.

In March and April, leading American and Arab journals published an unprecedented number of articles by, or quoting, ATFP staff including Foreign AffairsAl-Hayat, the Daily Beast, Ha’aretz, Al-Arabiya, The NationalAsharq Al-Awsat, Now Media, etc. With the help of our current and former interns, and your interaction, ATFP’s social media channels have been on fire. Click here to read a more detailed list of the whirlwind of ATFP advocacy efforts in this dynamic spring forward for the organization. 

As always, we welcome your feedback. We rely on your generous help, not just in the form of financial and moral support, but also through sustained engagement and the real conversation we have been able to establish with many of you. Everyone is welcome to join in, and our expanding outreach efforts are intended to expand this conversation's breath and depth, and to reach more people with ATFP's core message of peace in the American national interest.

Despite ATFP's genuine accomplishments and the intensification of our efforts this spring, clearly all of us who are committed to peace need to do more. The Task Force currently has the most able and cohesive team in its history. Over the past decade, we have developed an unprecedented degree of credibility. Our standing, and the quality and quantity of our contribution, are vastly disproportionate to our small staff and limited resources. 

The Task Force has never been needed more, or better able to serve its noble causes, than it is today. But we need you to help us immediately with a generous and tax-deductible contribution.

Ziad J. Asali, MD
American Task Force on Palestine
 The founding mission of the American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) was, and remains, to impact decision-making in Washington on the importance of a two-state solution to the American national interest. Having just completed its first decade of work advocating for peace and Palestine, and embarking on its second decade, ATFP is issuing the following detailed set of explanations of exactly what it is, what it does and why. They are also intended to highlight and explicate ATFP's accomplishments during its first decade, which have far exceeded its expectations at its founding 10 years ago..    A Decade of Achievement: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About ATFP

American Task Force on Palestine (ATFP) congratulates Arab America for bringing to us the talent of “Arab Idol” Mohammed Assaf and Lebanese vocalist Ziad Khoury. Join ATFP in supporting the concert’s message of solidarity with the Palestinian people and their steadfastness and perseverance.

ATFP is happy to be a sponsor of the event featuring the Palestinian superstar, as he premieres his new CD. ATFP encourages everybody, especially those in the Washington, DC area, to buy tickets and attend.The concert will take place on Sunday, May 11, 2014, at 5pm at Waterford-Springfield Banquet Facility. We look forward to seeing you there!

recent columns
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