Monday, October 31, 2011

My letter to the LATimes RE "Israel: A true ally in the Middle East"

RE: "Israel: A true ally in the Middle East",0,7160803.story

Dear Editor,

"Israel: A true ally in the Middle East" ?! What about the example Israel sets as it invests in 'religious scholars' rather than fair and just laws and real democracy. How many countries in the Middle East have been significantly influenced in very negative ways by Israel's policies!

If anything Israel has done a great deal of harm to American interests- and would there even be a Hezboullah or a Hamas, but for Israel's cruel persecution and displacement of the native non-Jewish Palestinians. Perfecting urban warfare against the Palestinian men, women and children trapped and tormented by Israeli soldiers and religious zealots all through out the illegally occupied territories is not admirable- or helpful... or wise.

There are decent Israelis- and there are decent Palestinians. The goal should be to end the Israel/Palestine conflict once and for all with a secular two state solution whereby a fully sovereign, stable and secure Palestine can live in peace alongside Israel. Right now there is a very real chance to create a just and lasting peace by fully respecting international law and basic human rights... this should be a win- win for everyone, not an excuse for Israeli propagandists to ignore the vital importance of Palestine and peace.

Anne Selden Annab
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