Monday, October 31, 2011

Letter I sent my elected leaders: UNESCO: Palestine & America... DO THE RIGHT THING

UNESCO: Palestine & America... DO THE RIGHT THING

President Barack Obama
Sen. Bob Casey
Rep. Todd Platts
Sen. Patrick Toomey

I know with Palestine's acceptance into UNESCO Zionist propagandists will swarm and do all they can to bully the world- and America's Congress- into dismissing and destroying Palestine... and I know that few people here in America are able or willing to speak out rationally, calmly, and coherently to support Palestine. But please- do the right thing: ASAP abolish the laws that prohibit Washington from funding any U.N.-affiliated body that accepts Palestinian membership.

I believe, for everyone's sake, America should be fully supporting Palestinian freedom, real democracy and a fully secular two state solution to once and for all end the Israel/Palestine conflict. THUS now more than ever UNESCO's mission is a crucially important mission for all civilized people to support as Palestinians valiantly do all they can to explain their situation and nonviolently create a sovereign nation state and a better future for every one- regardless of supposed race, religion or nationality.

Anne Selden Annab

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