Friday, November 4, 2011

My letter to CSM RE A message Palestinians see in Israel-Hamas prisoner exchange: Hamas - 1, Abbas - 0 by Dawoud Abu Lebdeh

RE: A message Palestinians see in Israel-Hamas prisoner exchange: Hamas - 1, Abbas - 0

Dear Editor,

"The international community must show the Palestinian people that they support their quest for a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders and, by doing so, demonstrate that they support those who believe in diplomacy, not violence, as a way to solve the conflict and achieve peace." Dawoud Abu Lebdeh

Thank you for publishing Dawoud Abu Lebdeh's compelling column "A message Palestinians see in Israel-Hamas prisoner exchange: Hamas - 1, Abbas - 0 " ... The timing of the prisoner exchange deal certainly is suspicious. I believe Israel is totally in the wrong for persecuting, impoverishing and displacing the native non-Jewish population of the Holy Land, but Islamists are equally wrong to also be arming religion with lethal weaponry- and Islamists were wrong to keep Gilad Shalit. Two wrongs do not make a right, and a never ending escalation of wrongs and religious extremism will not lead to peace or justice for any one.

A FULLY secular two state solution
that FULLY respects international law and universal basic human rights to once and for all end the Israel/Palestine conflict really is the best way forward.... for everyone's sake. Negotiations need to be a way to get there, not yet another way for Israel (or Islamists) to delay and destroy Palestine and peace.

Anne Selden Annab,
American homemaker & poet


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The battle of Bet Shemesh Ultra-orthodox Haredi Jews gather at the gates of a local girls school, screaming abuse: " Since the state-funded religious-nationalist school of Orot Girls opened in new premises in September, groups of extreme Haredi men regularly gather at the gates, screaming "whore" and "slut" at the girls and their mothers."

"While there's no reason to think Islamists are in the process of consolidating absolute power anywhere, it's simply foolish not to recognize that they remain in every meaningful sense radical and retain their totalitarian impulses. That they would like to broadly and severely restrict the rights of individuals, women and minorities in the name of religion is obvious. It's hard to see them developing such unrestrained power, but there is also no use in kidding oneself about their evident intentions." Hussein Ibish- Jumping to conclusions on the Arab Spring

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"A right delayed is a right denied."
Martin Luther King Jr.... American Hero

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