Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My letter to CSM RE "The Israeli model..."

Palestinian child plants flowers among the debris from Israel's 2014 assault on Gaza. Photograph- Anadolu Agency
RE: "The Israeli model: What airport safety looks like, and what it costs travelers

Models of security. Security measures at Israel's main airport, one of the world's safest, are vastly different from those in Brussels. But there is a tradeoff."

Dear Editor,

Is it really fair- or logical- to feature "The Israeli Model" of airport security and assert that "For prospective air travelers, this is what one of the world’s safest airports looks like." 

The vast majority of international airports worldwide have not had a major incident, although all have had to deal with various crazy people and criminals.  Why feature Israel?

Israel does not set a good example, and should not be lauded as a role model for safety and security. Israeli profiling is pervasive- and cruel, and has been for decades with horrible ramifications for countless persecuted Palestinian men, women and children (both Christian and Muslim) who are being profiled, oppressed, impoverished, pushed into forced exile, and refused their inalienable right to return to ancestral homes and lands. 

Hamas and Hezbollah have risen up in response to the very real plight and suffering of the native non-Jewish population of the Holy Land, and alongside Israel's own state subsidized Jewish religious extremists, have been inflicting huge harm on the Palestinian quest for statehood and an end to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

And by the way, the quote by an Arab from East Jerusalem, claiming he does not see any discrimination "The security checks can take a long time, but the security is good"... That man is experienced enough to know that if he's been quoted in international publications, or on his Facebook page, pointing out the full and total truth about Israeli discrimination, Israeli authorities are more than likely to refuse to allow him to travel back to return to his home and family in East Jerusalem.

Anne Selden Annab

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