Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My letter to the NYTimes RE Art of the Anecdote: Presidential Candidates’ Speeches to AIPAC

Photoshopped meme (depicting an image that evokes a creepy image from a wellknown horror movie coupled with two names from a well known nursery rhyme & Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass)  found flying around on Facebook & Twitter March 2016: "Tweedledee and Tweedledum to headline #AIPAC conference"
RE Art of the Anecdote: Presidential Candidates’ Speeches to AIPAC

Dear Editor,

Presidential candidates speaking at AIPAC wanted free media coverage and more campaign funds... and the New York Times helps hand them exactly that, completing a trifecta of complicity that further empowers Israel's punitively cruel anti-Palestinian apartheid policies by perpetuating a warped "pro-Israel" narrative that totally ignores sovereign Israel's ongoing flagrant violations of international law and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Shedding light on personality? I'd say it is more like shedding light on a lack of character and integrity- and a lack of understanding American ideals of real freedom, justice, equality and democracy...  plus a distinct lack of interest in being an honest broker for peace and the rule of fair and just laws in the Middle East.

Israel clearly wants the land but not the native non-Jewish population of that land. How would you feel if tonight, you were denied your right to return to your family home because the powers that be decided you were the "wrong" religion?!!!

We live in a global world with the internet giving every one the ability to ferret out news and opinion worldwide: How would you feel about negotiations to end the Israel-Palestine conflict knowing that Palestinian men, women and children continue to be harshly oppressed, impoverished, pushed into forced exile, and cruelly demonized by the so-called "Jewish State" while America's presidential candidates tell AIPAC exactly what Israel's state subsidized settlers and religious extremists want to hear. Not what they need to hear, but what they want to hear.

And hey- lets not forget about real terrorists, those criminals of ISIS/Daesh following Israel's lead by arming religion with lethal weaponry and a desire to impoverish and/or kill "others" ... What message does America want to send them?

Anne Selden Annab


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15m15 minutes ago
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