Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My letter to the NYTimes RE Leaderless Palestinian Youth, Inspired by Social Media, Drive a Rise in Violence

"Where, after all, do universal human rights begin?"

RE: Leaderless Palestinian Youth, Inspired by Social Media, Drive a Rise in Violence

Dear Editor,

Violent Palestinians make Israel look good, convincing outsiders, as well as most Israelis, that Israel has no choice but to be punitive.

It is a tragic situation with plenty of blame on all sides, as well as on many an outsider weighing in to exasperate the conflict, as the Israel-Palestine conflict grinds on and on with disastrous consequences for the native non-Jewish men, women and children of historic Palestine.

A fully secular two state end to the Israel-Palestine conflict based on full respect for human rights and fair and just laws laws (including but not limited to full respect for the Palestinian refugees inalienable right to return to original homes and lands) would go a long way towards ending the hate, hostility, suffering, savage brutality, and social media propaganda inspired by the injustice and religious extremism that is the Israel-Palestine conflict today.

Anne Selden Annab

"The maintenance of the status quo helps perpetuate the occupation rather than end it, thereby providing cover for continued establishment and expansion of colonies in Jerusalem and other parts of the West Bank, as well as Israel’s plans to further isolate the West Bank and maintain control over its resources, as Israel is able to continue blockading the Gaza Strip and controlling its resources. Furthermore, it leaves the burden and costs of administering daily life under occupation to the Palestinians, making the occupation a profitable project for Israel." Palestinians want 1967 lands to be put under UN protection

STAY CONNECTED... Given the U.S. commitment to religious freedom, and to the international covenants that guarantee it as the inalienable right of every human being, the United States seeks to: Promote freedom of religion and conscience throughout the world as a fundamental human right and as a source of stability for all countries

Unclench your fist... Live by the Golden Rule

Words to Honor: The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 1.

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