Friday, October 16, 2015

My letter to the NYTimes RE The Cycle of Violence in Israel editorial

Modern Technology
RE  The Cycle of Violence in Israel editorial
& The Israeli-Palestinian Tumult: Clashing Perspectives an excellent letter by Shelly Altman, co-chairman of Jewish Voice for Peace New Haven

Dear Editor,

The cycle of violence is very much generated by sovereign Israel's investment in Jews-preferred policies and settlement projects in the illegally occupied territories: "I’m a South African who lived through apartheid, I have no hesitation in saying that Israel’s crimes are infinitely worse than those committed by the apartheid regime of South Africa." former U.N. Special Rapporteur John Dugard.

Bad History : Ben Carson Is Wrong on Guns and the Holocaust points out that "It is preposterous to argue that the possession of firearms would have enabled them [Jewish people being persecuted by the Nazis] to mount resistance against a systematic program of persecution implemented by a modern bureaucracy, enforced by a well-armed police state, and either supported or tolerated by the majority of the German population."

That was 60 years ago- long before sophisticated computers and cellphones and satellites and drones and all sorts of ways for a sovereign government to interfere with an oppressed people's quest for freedom, justice, and equality.

Clueless American politicians like Hilary Clinton use their public podium to make a bad situation worse by ignoring the very real plight of the Palestinians. So do "Pro-Palestine" apologists for Hamas and armed Palestinian resistance.

There are however some clear headed thinkers who refuse to accept an insane and cruel status quo, such as Palestinian businessman Sam Bahour who writes in his most recent article Palestinians must not fall into this trap, again!  "To cover up its crimes, Israel needs to feed all the western stereotypes of Palestinians as violent and subhuman rather than hungry for freedom and equal rights."

And your recent letter writer Shelly Altman, co-chairman of Jewish Voice for Peace New Haven, who states the facts "There are more than 500 checkpoints restricting their movement in the West Bank itself. The Palestinians have endured Israeli military occupation, arrests without charge, arrests of children, home demolitions and the uprooting of olive groves."

And your own editorial, which is basically good despite the fact that it really should have but did not fully show the big picture by pointing out who is in sovereign power with a very strong formal military and a plethora of modern technology that is being deployed to [torture,] silence and destroy the native non-Jewish men women and children of historic Palestine. Your conclusion is very true that "it should be clear that a peace agreement is the only chance Israelis and Palestinians have to stop the cycles of stabbings, shootings, bombings and fear"

Anne Selden Annab

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