Saturday, February 15, 2014

Families Interrupted

Through a series of anonymous portraits, this exhibition by Jenny Nyman captures the reality of the many thousands of Palestinian families who are forced to live in the shadows by the Israeli Citizenship Law. By lifting the thin veil of anonymity that envelops them, the images give insights into how the ban turns them into families interrupted, struggling to lead a normal life together. By photographing them in their personal spaces, it offers glimpses of their day-to-day human existence as families.

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Haytham 2

"It is my right to choose my life partner, someone I feel comfortable with, who I can share my thoughts, life and decisions with. In the hospital I treated a Russian man who married a woman from Ethiopia. Should I be allowed to interfere and ask him why he married her? No! It’s the most basic of rights. In the children’s IDs Nuha is not listed as their mother. She can’t even take the girls to the health clinic because she doesn’t have an Israeli ID proving that she is their mother.

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