Thursday, May 31, 2012

My letter to the NYTimes RE Going Directly to Israelis and Palestinians

RE Going Directly to Israelis and Palestinians By SHLOMO BEN-AMI, THOMAS C. SCHELLING, JEROME M. SEGAL and JAVIER SOLANA

Dear Editor,

Why do SHLOMO BEN-AMI, THOMAS C. SCHELLING, JEROME M. SEGAL and JAVIER SOLANA want to reinvent the wheel?  Israel is a sovereign nation in long term and flagrant violation of international law and the Palestinians basic human rights.   There are already reams and reams of  resolutions and promises all broken so that Zionist ideologues and bigots can find more time and ways persecute, displace, discredit, and disenfranchise the native non-Jewish population of the Holy Land.

In 1948 when Israel was founded Martin Luther King Jr had yet to help America understand the importance of becoming a more real democracy with full and equal rights for all.  But even so the United Nations made it quite clear that every refugee has a right to return to original homes and lands. Part and parcel of the two state solution was then, and remains now, the understanding that people should not be discriminated against because of their supposed race or religion.

A fully secular two state solution to once and for end the Israel-Palestine conflict really is the best way forward, and the ground work for that is already in place. 

Anne Selden Annab

An Anne Frank Moment
Disturbing rhetoric on race from Israeli government ministers.

There has been a big increase in the number of Palestinian homes in the West Bank which have been demolished by Israeli forces (BBC News video)


Palestine 2012

People Power for Peace

AIPAC inspired H.R. 4133....passed by America's Congress on May 9 by a vote of 411–2 on a “suspension of the rules,” which is intended for non-controversial legislation requiring little debate and a quick vote.

The task before us is to make sure that no further nakbas, no more pogroms or unspeakable horrors, ever occur again

ATFP notes that, as the occupying power, Israel is responsible for protecting Palestinian civilians from attacks by settlers, which is an increasing and highly destabilizing phenomenon.

Open Zion....Hussein Ibish: Beware "Creative Alternatives"

Randa Jarrar: Imagining Myself in Palestine

Hanan Ashrawi: Recognizing Nakba, Reaching Peace

Haaretz Editorial: Nakba is part of Israel's history

Qalqiliya unveils 'train of return' to mark Nakba & Abbas applauds steadfastness on Nakba Day

The Key

Exodus 1948 التهجيرعام (19 photos)

The Arab Peace Initiative requests Israel to reconsider its policies and declare that a just peace is its strategic option as well...

"It's a simple dictum, but one that many still have trouble accepting: Israelis and Palestinians have to talk to each other if they're going to get anywhere." Hussein Ibish: We Need To Talk

Refugees and the Right of Return
Palestinian refugees must be given the option to exercise their right of return (as well as receive compensation for their losses arising from their dispossession and displacement) though refugees may prefer other options such as: (i) resettlement in third countries, (ii) resettlement in a newly independent Palestine (even though they originate from that part of Palestine which became Israel) or (iii) normalization of their legal status in the host country where they currently reside. What is important is that individual refugees decide for themselves which option they prefer a decision must not be imposed upon them.

UN Resolution 194 Article 11: [The General Assembly]
Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live in peace with their neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest possible date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the governments or authorities responsible; instructs the Conciliation Commission to facilitate the repatriation, resettlement and economic and social rehabilitation of the refugees and the payment of compensation, and to maintain close relations with the Director of the United Nations Relief for Palestine Refugees and, through him, with the appropriate organs and agencies of the United Nations.

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