Friday, December 5, 2014

My letter to CSM RE Global Newsstand: Rami G. Khouri's "Constant cycle of violence won’t bring peace to Israelis and Palestinians"

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 RE Global Newsstand: Rami G. Khouri's "Constant cycle of violence won’t bring peace to Israelis and Palestinians"

Dear Editor,

Thank you for linking to and publishing Rami G. Khouri's excellent commentary "Constant cycle of violence won’t bring peace to Israelis and Palestinians" on the Global Newsstand.  I hope many people forward the link, and read and think about the article- and figure out what they can personally do to help empower and promote a just and lasting peace. But don't be surprised if they don't. 

Khouri is right to conclude that "neither popular grassroots movements nor enlightened leaderships have emerged on either side to pull us all out of the endless cycle of death."   In today's world the internet provides information, and heart wrenching photographs and stories all about the very real plight of the Palestinians, but the internet also provides a podium for bad ideas and hate campaigning activist-entertainers, as well as religious extremists who are fueled by the Israel-Palestine conflict. Half truths flourish, basic logic is ignored, and reasonable people are harassed and pushed away. 

Enlightened leadership is not supported.  Compassion and diplomacy are scorned.  State building for Palestine is sabotaged by Israelis and also by "pro-Palestine" activists who use Israeli sources to build a case to boycott and destroy Israel.  It would be funny if it weren't so very very tragic... and dangerous.

Ending the Israel-Palestine conflict ASAP with a fully secular two state solution based on international law and fully respecting universal human rights is the best way forward. Weighing in one can chose to exasperate and perpetuate the Israel-Palestine conflict with all its many negative ramifications including the escalating rage that both sides feel towards "the other", or one can follow the lead of many noble and courageous albeit unsung heroes who, day after day, conscientiously focus in on ending the Israel-Palestine conflict for everyone's sake.

Anne Selden Annab

Palestinian Refugees (1948-NOW) refused their right to return... and their right to live in peace free from religious bigotry and injustice.


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