Monday, June 9, 2014

My letter to the NYTimes RE "Peaceful Nonreconciliation Now" By Dani Dayanjun

Shadowplay by Vahram Muradyan
RE "Peaceful Nonreconciliation Now"

Dear Editor,

Kerry has not failed. Kerry's diplomatic efforts have helped bring international attention to the vital importance of ending the Israel-Palestine conflict with a just and lasting peace.  A just and lasting peace based on the facts- not a temporary 'fix' or a fantasy "blueprint for peaceful nonreconciliation" that hands Israel more time and more ways to further impoverish and displace the native non-Jewish population of the Holy Land.

Economically strong Israel's sovereign failure to respect universal basic human rights (including but not limited to the Palestinian refugees inalienable right to return to original homes and lands to live in peace) is a huge tragedy with dire consequences for the entire region... and Israel's Dani Dayan is not at all reassuring or convincing when he asserts that " we settlers were never driven — except for fringe elements — by bigotry, hate or racism." 

Anne Selden Annab


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