Monday, September 2, 2013

Negotiations are a way to get our rights

Jerusalem (Alleys, streets & markets)

Nasser Thabet: "PNA is a government, it doesn't have to maintain popularity. They should work... achieve something... deliver... If they do not negotiate and they do not resist, then what is their job basically?

Resistance is now not accepted everywhere in Palestine
. all parties stopped resisting the occupation the violent way... But as a political action and "outsider" policy, they should do something... Negotiations are OK.. no problem with them.....

Israel is the strong side of the equation, so we try to prevent it from killing and building, but because we are the weak part, we can't always force them to abide by our demands... Negotiating Israel is just like resisting Israel... so it is a way to express ourselves and try to get our rights.... Nothing guaranteed... but we have to try... exactly as we did with violent resistance... we tried it, although it affected us negatively..."

(quote from Nasser Thabet borrowed with his permission from the comment section on a facebook wall for someone's else's post of a Daily Beast article that was dismissive of negotiations and a two state solution to end the Israel-Palestine conflict)

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