Sunday, November 6, 2011

EXCELLENT LATimes letters on Israel

Our ally, Israel

Re "A true ally in the Middle East," Opinion, Oct. 31

With allies like Israel, who needs enemies? If it were not for Israel's international law violations, human rights violations and ignoring of United Nations resolutions, none of the "help" Israel gives us, which Robert D. Blackwill and Walter B. Slocombe identify, would be necessary.

Note that not one word is said about the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. This singularly powerful, financially strong lobby with a highly organized support system of conservative Jews and neoconservatives can pretty much get its way in Congress.

Our relationship with Israel means that Congress and the White House can only blindly support it no matter what.

Lou Del Pozzo

Pacific Palisades

There is no arguing with Blackwill and Slocombe. Israel is a world leader in science and medicine; its economy is booming. What it lacks is peace and another friendly nation besides the United States.

In my opinion, Israel will only achieve true peace and sharply reduce global anti-Semitism if it separates synagogue and state and allows the establishment of a neighboring Palestinian state.

Martin J. Weisman

Westlake Village

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