Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hussein Ibish: The speech Yasser Arafat never gave
The speech Yasser Arafat never gave
Hussein Ibish, September 27, 201
Palestinians in Ramallah hold pictures of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, after his historic UN speech requesting statehood. (AFP photo/Ahmad Gharabli)

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ moving speech before the United Nations General Assembly on Friday was certainly the high point of his career. His address will be forever remembered because Abbas was able to do what no Palestinian leader has ever done in the past: make the moral case for Palestinian independence in a clear, coherent, reasonable manner at the highest international forum.

Most importantly, Abbas’ message was internationally receivable. Only the most recalcitrant supporters of the Israeli occupation could fail to have been moved by his words. Many in the room, including some jaded individuals, were left in tears....READ MORE

Hussein Ibish is a senior research fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine and blogs at

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